Bee Creek UMC 2018 Board

The Bee Creek UMC Board has met a couple times during 2018 already. The Board created and approved the leadership covenant under which they will operate. The Board also has updated all the church policies (general, finance, property, outreach, and student ministries) to match the new simplified structure. Where policies were written already under the previous committees, those were updated by the elimination of references to old committees and the establishment of accountability for program completion. If no policies were previously written, existing practice and Methodist discipline were used to draft new policies. These policy documents are all in effect as they were approved at the January meeting, though this year we expect to learn we have many lessons and will review the policies at the end of the year unless sooner revision is warranted. If you have any questions about these documents, please contact or call her at 512.264.2225.

Ginny Jacks (Chair), Richard Jenson (Co-Chair), Elizabeth Williams, Jeremy Koomler, Steve McKinney, 

Bertina Schrieber,  Doug Howell, Matthew DiLeo, Linda Racino, Mike Binns, Cathy Gourley.