Bee Creek UMC 2020 Board

Mike Binns (Chair / Treasurer), Nick Granelli (Co- Chair), Richard Jenson, Doug Howell (not pictured), 

Gail Simmons,  Matthew DiLeo,  Laura Truett (not pictured),  Judy Wisdom

2020 Board Updates

We would like welcome Gail Simmons, Nick Granelli and Shane Coker to the 2020 Board!!  This year  Mike Binns will serve as Chair and Treasurer,  Nick Granelli will serve as Co-Chair .   

We are working very hard to pay off our old debt from 2006 when we built our campus! We are blessed to have zero debt from the gym thanks to each and everyone of you, the only debt we have is from the original loan.   Special thanks to Elizabeth Williams and our finance team we will be able to save money and pay off our old debt (original buildings) sooner and save thousands of dollars each year which will give us those funds for ministry!

 If anyone has any questions about the board or would like any information please contact Linnea Falk .

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Mike Binns (Chair / Treasurer)

Nick Granelli (Co-Chair)

Doug Howell

Matthew DiLeo

Laura Truett

Judy Wisdom

Gail Simmons